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Everyone deserves to bask in the pleasure of washing their hair and scalp. For some, this seemingly simple ritual is taken for granted.

Our Founders

SISTERWOULD haircare exists to help everyone turn washing their hair into an enjoyable moment of selfcare. With a passion and drive for creating a beauty brand with purpose, Flo and Rina saw a gap in the market for an inclusive and accessible, scientifically formulated, haircare brand.

Our Story

At a time when people were fed up with the stereotypes and typical representations of women in beauty, the two friends set the goal to break down the hierarchy of A-typical beauty and challenge the status quo.This drove the innovation behind their formulations, which ensures every hair concern (from dandruff to psoriasis) and type (thick to brittle) was catered to.

Our Focus

Even minority or often forgotten groups of women, such as those experiencing hair loss, alopecia or those undergoing chemotherapy have been considered. With visually impaired family members, they also discovered the daily plight and frustrations felt by this self-care routine.

Purpose and Poise

The name SISTERWOULD represents the brand ethos, which centres around the founder’s approach to their friendship. Built on the sentiment that a sister doesn't need to be related by blood, but rather someone who provides unconditional love, support, guidance, and acceptance. SISTERWOULD symbolises the embodiment of these values, where we believe in the beauty and value of everyone.The result? Performance-driven haircare products, by a brand that cares.