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There are 43 million people living with blindness and 295 million people living with moderate to severe visual impairment.


We believe everyone deserves to bask in the pleasure of washing their hair and scalp. . For some, this seemingly simple ritual is taken for granted.

SISTERWOULD haircare exists to help everyone turn washing their hair into an enjoyable moment of selfcare.


Working with Vision Australia we had braille included on our shampoo and conditioner bottles and placed an emphasis on the sensory experience, including tactile ingredients to help with the differentiation of products as well as creating a tactile imprinting system, on the side of the bottles that includes horizontal lines = for shampoo and dots ::: for conditioner for those that can’t read braille.
Braille stickers for shampoo and conditioner 


For 2 years we worked closely with the Print Access team to make our products accessible according to the Australian Braille Association (ABA).