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SISTERWOULD is a pioneering beauty brand, transcending the boundaries between skincare and haircare. Our mission is to revolutionize your hair and scalp's well-being with the infusion of high-performing skincare ingredients, restoring your locks to their healthiest state while redefining beauty norms.

In our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, we have partnered with Vision Australia to introduce universal braille on our product packaging, ensuring that everyone, including the blind and visually impaired community, can confidently engage with our offerings. For those who may not read braille, we've gone the extra mile by incorporating a groundbreaking tactile imprinting system, allowing effortless product differentiation through touch.

Our innovation extends beyond packaging. Take our shampoo, for instance, featuring granular microbeads derived from Native Australian plant extracts. Not only do these microbeads provide a unique sensory experience, but they also offer a gentle scalp scrub and cleanse that preserves your hair's natural oils. It's a sensory journey that pampers your hair and scalp while celebrating the beauty of diversity.

Join us in our purpose-driven journey towards a more inclusive and vibrant beauty world. If you're ready to embrace the future of haircare and be part of our community, please complete the form below, and our team will eagerly review your application. Your support inspires us to keep pushing boundaries and reimagining beauty for all.

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